Night Support

Night support can be essential in ensuring a pleasant night’s sleep, removing any potential anxiety and discomfort by giving you and your family the peace of mind that your needs will be met at all times. Southern Counties Caring can tailor a flexible overnight care plan that suits your needs, either as part of our live-in care or as an independent service, to ensure you get the right level of care for you. This plan can also be altered at any time to suit your changing requirements.

Sleeping Night Care

Sleeping night care will provide you with the basic support you need overnight. As part of this service, our carers are allowed to sleep for a minimum of eight hours and can assist you up to two times per night. This means they will provide you with the assistance you need, while also allowing them to get enough rest to ensure they can continue supporting you during the day.

Waking Night Care

If you need more comprehensive support during the night, our waking night care services offer the ideal solution for you. As part of this service, your dedicated carer will stay awake through the night, usually for approximately ten hours or for a length of time that best suits your needs.

Some of the support our carers can assist with as part of our waking night care services include:

  • Positioning and repositioning in the night
  • Assisting with toilet breaks
  • Medication administration at regular intervals
  • Companionship if you struggle to fall asleep
  • Regular check-ups to prevent falls and more
  • Pain management and support
  • Support with any disorientation upon waking up
  • Home safety – making sure doors and window are locked and secured

We understand that having this additional support can provide you and your family with complete peace of mind, which is why we will assess your nightly care needs to ensure you get the best possible personalised care.